Advanced PCB coating solutions for proven ruggedization and durability

From preparation and cleaning to conformal coating and assembly, SpecCoat offers a range of services to ensure PCB protection.


What our customers say

    Excellent customer service, quick to respond to any issues that I’ve encountered.

    They always deliver on their commitments and it is so appreciated since that means we can deliver on our commitments as well.

    They always complete jobs on time, and coating quality is consistent from job to job. We’ve rejected zero product in 13 years, and had zero field returns attributable to a coating problem.

    I can always count on SpecCoat for our business needs.

    Specialized Coating Services is great to work with! We really appreciate their quick responses, understanding of coating requirements and commitments to delivery schedules.

    Over the years we have had a great relationship with Specialized Coating.

    Great communication, quick turnarounds and their attention to details is exceptional.

    During my nine years of working with Specialized Coating Services, I’ve had a great experience. They have a great turnaround time.

    The attention to detail provided on every job no matter the size is not only appreciated but is critical

    Specialized Coating Services is very helpful in answering process questions, and in making recommendations to improve the overall product quality.

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