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The primary function of conformal coating is to prevent the electronic circuit boards from long-term corrosion due to moisture condensation. Other desirable features include a better prevention of electrical shorts in high humidity days.

Having a sealed electrical box is good for rain. Moisture can still pass through the plastic boxes and rubber gasket.

Sealed boxes do not “breathe” and thus trap moisture that cannot escape and will condense to become sitting water inside the box at night or in colder weather. Condensed with potentially contaminating ionics from the air is one of the most potent corrosive ingredients.

Per IPC-A-610 Traditional conformal coatings such as polyurethane, acrylic, and silicone should be:

Type AR Acrylic 25.4 – 127.0um (0.001– 0.005 in)
Type ER Epoxy 25.4 – 127.0um (0.001-0.005 in)
Type UR Urethane 25.4 – 127.0um (0.001-0.005 in)
Type SR Silicone 50.8 – 203.2um (0.002 – 0.008in)
Type XY Para-xylylene 10.2 – 50.8um (0.0004 – 0.002in)

Conformal coating is not designed as physical protection media.

General mechanical strength is not required. As long as the conformal coating remains intact at low and high temperatures, low and high humidity, and resists water and common chemicals and solvents, they will be effective conformal coating.

Dielectric strength is a measurement of the insulation strength of the coating. Generally higher the better.

However, the circuit boards are supposedly designed to have adequate protection against normal operation. As long as the conformal coating does not negatively affect the dielectric strength in air, they generally will be adequate.

Brush coating is used for smaller-volume production. It has the advantage of applying conformal coating only on those needed areas. Labor with such a method is higher.

Spray coating is used for larger volume production and is generally faster. However, areas that must not be coated must be properly masked before coating.

Dip coating is used for those requirements that need complete coverage. Extensive masking is required because the boards will be fully submerged. This method is costly.

The typical masking method is taping with dots, high temperature tapes, boots and various peelable masks. The reason I put this in is because liquid latex masks are only one of many peelable mask that we use.

Why SpecCoat?

Dedicated to the highest quality standards and customer satisfaction, our focus is on delivering quality products with timely delivery and maintaining open communication with customers and suppliers. We assist in selecting coating, potting, or ruggedizing materials, provide prototypes, and establish manufacturing processes for consistent quality and finishes.

  • Enhanced Durability

    Our specialized coatings significantly extend the life of your PCBs.
  • Proprietary Process

    Benefit from our unique, cutting-edge coating application techniques.
  • Certified Quality

    With Nadcap, ISO 9001 – 2015, AS9100D-2016, and ESD S20.20 certifications, we guarantee top-tier service.
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    During my nine years of working with Specialized Coating Services, I’ve had a great experience. They have a great turnaround time.

    Excellent customer service, quick to respond to any issues that I’ve encountered.

    They always complete jobs on time, and coating quality is consistent from job to job. We’ve rejected zero product in 13 years, and had zero field returns attributable to a coating problem.

    Specialized Coating Services is great to work with! We really appreciate their quick responses, understanding of coating requirements and commitments to delivery schedules.

    Quick lead times and never any quality concerns.

    I can always count on SpecCoat for our business needs.

    Specialized Coating has been a great partner

    Specialized Coating Services is very helpful in answering process questions, and in making recommendations to improve the overall product quality.

    They are by far our highest quality vendor. Specialized Coating Services maintains a high level of customer service, is responsive and really cares about doing a great job.

    They always deliver on their commitments and it is so appreciated since that means we can deliver on our commitments as well.

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